Wednesday, September 21, 2011

One of my daily reads is the Wall Street Journal's photos of the day website. A few days ago, these pictures were next to each other.

Take a look.... (click here for a larger version of each photo)

The top picture is of a flood displaced man waiting for basic necessities to be dropped from a hovering helicopter above.

The next picture?

A statuesque model being prepped for a runway show in Madrid.

I think that the difference in their body language is what affected me the most. Doesn't the man look so desperate?

It's moments like this that I just don't know how to reconcile these two photos. How can these two realities exist at the same time, in the same day? One person desperate for basic provisions while another person on the same planet is the epitome of things that will fade away.


Elizabeth said...

I left this post unread until I could come back here and comment. Am so glad you shared this link to the photos of the day. I'll be adding it to my "list." It is so difficult to reconcile how these two realities exist simultaneously, isn't it? I've been thinking of that more and more as Shannon and I are reading and exploring and having our eyes opened to the needs of others around us. So glad you shared this. So wish I could spend an afternoon with you.