Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Once upon a time, I saved up my pennies to buy a new camera. I have a lot more saving to do for my dream camera, so it's a point and shoot. This girl has got to have a camera!

I've loved it. I actually have some blogs coming up where you can see the great quality. Unfortunately, I've lost the charger. I silly of me. It's not a cord, it's a charger that you put the battery into and it plugs into the wall. Anyways, I used it in April, so it's got to be around here somewhere right? Right? Until then, I've been using my phone and my laptop cameras. (first world problem)

ALL of that to say, that I bought this great pull down map of Asia at a flea market several months ago and I finally hung it up! Here's proof...

Isn't it lovely?

I promise it's hung straight. It just looks crooked because I was trying to maneuver myself out of view of the laptop camera. You wouldn't have wanted to see me anyways. Trust me. It was 102 degrees Sunday afternoon when I hung it up and I had pulled my hair to the top of my head and it was being held with a hot roller clip. Classy.