Sunday, July 10, 2011

July 4th

Somewhere along the way, I got really behind on blogging events as they happened. I have so much to catch you up on, that it's downright ridiculous. I decided that I would just start with the most recent happenings and then get caught up along the way.

My parents and I met up at Adam and Amy's house for the July 4th weekend. I took a couple of vacation days too, so that really made if feel like a mini vacay. I got in late Wednesday night and the next morning we all went to a nearby donut shop for breakfast.

Meila ended up with a blueberry cake donut and Story chose one with sprinkles!

The girls are both wearing vintage pieces that I found for them. I love it that their momma likes these kind of clothes too!

We also made these fun apple grins that I saw on Pinterest. They were so easy to make and yummy too!

Story loves to fix everyone's hair. Her styles were definitely trendy! She's such a hipster at heart.

Meila wasn't as thrilled with the process as the rest of us were.

When I came back from Nepal, I brought children's bangles with me. When Story was born I gave her momma some and this weekend she came down one morning wearing them. That was a full circle moment for sure! They fit her perfectly and she wore them all day without breaking any of them. I loved hearing them jingle throughout the day.

Story loves my parents and let me tell you, she prefers to do everything with Pops and Mimmy. Especially when Pops allows himself to be her personal jungle gym!

These two are a lot both looks and demeanor. Calm, cool and collected.

Speaking of BFFs......

love, love, love, love these 4!

That Meila is something else. I loving call her "Petrie" from the Land Before Time. She is such a squawker! She also reminds me of my great Uncle Vincil a lot. He is my paternal grandfather's brother. He has a mischievous grin, strawberry blond hair and is a people watcher at all the family gatherings.

Story is getting SO big. She is still pretty petite in stature, but her imagination is unlike anything I've seen before. She always has several baby dolls nearby to "mother." She also does a pretty good job of mothering her little sister....much to Meila's dismay.

I'll leave you with these videos of Story singing us a quick song and reciting her latest verse without pants on. Apparently that's how she performs the best.


Elizabeth said...

I love seeing their individual personalities through your photos. So, so cute!