Monday, March 14, 2011


Here's something you should know about me. I have extremely specific and vivid dreams.
Do you?

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Lately I've been having dreams that are too good to be true. Seriously, these dreams are filled with all of the things my heart desires and more. I won't bore you with the details, because if you know me, you know my desires. I've had these type of dreams off and on since I was in Jr. High, but lately I've been having them about once a week for the last month.

As wonderful as they are, the instant I wake up, I am so sad. I can't put into the words the sadness my heart feels during those mornings. Almost like I'm instantly grieving the fact that my dream wasn't real. To be quite honest, it usually takes most of the day to rid my heart of the sadness. These dreams have me wondering all kinds of things:

-where do they come from?
-why am I so emotionally reactive to them?
-why are they specifically about the things that I don't have in my life?
-why would I dream something so defrauding?

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I've talked with several friends and family members and there are some differing opinions.

-Some say that these dreams should encourage me...the best is yet to come!

-A few have said that the enemy can influence our subconscious/dreams, defrauding me and whispering thoughts of doubt.

-Others say that this is the Lord’s way of spurring me on to do what I can to make myself ready for what I’m dreaming of.

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While I agree with each of them, one thing I do know is that these dreams have me crying out to the Lord; asking Him to fulfill those desires in my heart. I know I don’t pray for them as often as I would like.

Without fail, our gracious Lord gave me a verse to cling to this morning amidst the sadness. May The Message translation encourage your heart as it did mine.

So tell me, what is your opinion on these type of dreams? Have any wisdom to share?


Anonymous said...

I know that a lot of people dream about what consumes their thoughts during the day - especially something that is stressful or worrisome.

For example, people have unreal dreams about driving before they take their test to get their license, or have dreams about being naked in front of their peers at school before the first day of class.

Maybe it could be something like that? Your stress about the unknown in your future is causing unreal possibilities to occur in your dreams.

Obviously, I'm not an expert on stress hormones, etc., but I thought I'd give my two cents regardless! :-)

Emily Stivers

Elizabeth said...

Hmm... I have no idea what your dreams me. Not sure if that helps (to have one less opinion) or if it just makes it all the more frustrating. What I do know (and you do too) is that God loves you, cares for you, and wants you to continue to cry out to him. I will be praying with you and for you. And I'm sorry that you wake up so sad. :(

Seeing that photo of the village of Manarola in Cinque Terre just made me smile and made my heart sigh with happiness. If you ever decide to go there and need company, I would love to return!