Friday, September 03, 2010

Without notice....

Sometimes, when I'm least expecting it, my heart longs for Nepal. I know this doesn't surprise you, because you know me and you know that I talk about Nepal often.

But occasionally, it catches me off guard. I don't know how or why, but it does.

For example:

Saturday morning I was walking downtown with Cindy and we were headed to eat some breakfast. Between the cool weather, crisp breeze and the warmth of the sun....I was instantly transported to Nepal. In fact, I'm pretty sure I interrupted Cindy to tell her "This weather feels like Nepal...right now." It was such a strong feeling too.

Those moments grip my heart. I'm never sure what to do with them.

These pictures are from one of my favorite places in my Nepali neighborhood, Roadhouse Cafe.
They serve the best hummus you'll ever have in your life.
Roadhouse was about a 5 minute walk from my flat.
I miss walking there with Jessica.


Elizabeth said...

I so understand the feeling your describing! It happens to me often. When we lived in FL, there were moments when I would be walking to my classroom early in the morning and have "flashbacks" from the Philippines. I had that same feeling in NYC too. And it happens here in little ways... but similar to what you described... where the weather, the time of day, and the smells all combine and I think to myself "this is Prague."

Emily said...

I thought about you & Nepal today when I (finally!) watched Living Goddess. I liked it as a documentary but it wigged me out in many other ways.

Mom or Dad said...

This was one of the first places Jess took us, she has been on our heart so much this week, not surprised that Nepal is on you heart and mind.

jesserae said...

although there are three other locations the one by our old place is still my favorite. I can't go there without thinking about you and how you taught me the joys of mixing tabasco and oil.