Wednesday, September 01, 2010

One Year Later

September 1st marks my one year anniversary of moving back to Springfield! On this day last year, I had just moved to town and I started my new job! Looking back over this year, I've been so blessed.

God has given me a great company to work for.
God has blessed me with great friends (both old and new).
God has given me a phenomenal church and pastor.
God has given me a great roommate and apartment.
God has blessed me with family both in town and only 5 hours away.

I really could go on and on..... I just wanted to share my gratitude to all of you that have made me feel so at home this year!

In other exciting news, Amy Ruth has started blogging again! Pop on over and say hello! We've got to encourage her to keep this up!


Elizabeth said...

Hooray for a first year full of blessings my friend! :)

munykesh said...

Its indeed wonderful to give thanks and praise to God for all he hath done for us and above all for keeping us safe and sound each passing day