Saturday, August 14, 2010

Shine Little Light Shine!

This Little Light of Mine from Andrea B. on Vimeo.


Amy Sue said...

The best part was when she held her arm up with the other hand. I could see her really watching you... she was tired but willing to try. lol

k1designs said...
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Anonymous said...

Love it! That's too cute! ~Lacey

Elizabeth said...

And this is why I love skype!!! Isn't it so great that you can share life with people you love even when they're far away. My nephew crawling across the room to "see" me on the laptop was my most recent skype "high", but I'm sure when my sister has her baby next week I'll have a new reason to love skype!

Story's expressions during each take were so amusing. It made sense once I heard Amy ask about going to bed and realized she was tired. :)

And seriously, your videos are the coolest!!!