Tuesday, July 06, 2010

A real, honest to goodness post!

I hit the road headed South, Friday at 2pm. Armed with an Ipod full of my favorite podcasts and music, those 5 hours flew by. I wish I had time to stop at every flea market on the way, but my nieces were waiting patiently for me, so onward I drove. One of these days I'd love to shop my way down 63South.

When I arrived my mom (who was headed home the next day back to Florida) had cooked a yummy home cooked meal. We had to take my mom to the airport on Saturday :( But we did manage to squeeze in a little retail therapy at the Pottery Barn/West Elm Outlet. We also had the BEST fast food mexican. Seriously, it puts Moes, Qdoba and Chipolte to shame (and I like those places). It's called Swanky's Tacos and they only have 3 locations; 2 in Memphis and 1 in Franklin, TN. This franchise would go over great in Springfield. (hint hint Swanky's guys)

Meila True is changing so much, and I swear she had changed since the last time I saw her, which was only 2 weeks ago. She is the girl of many faces...not to mention I think she looks a little like Conan O'Brian. She is so happy and a great sleeper! And her hair does that front flip thing on itself. Even her hair is happy and cheery with a slight hint of red.

The rest of the weekend was spent:
-taking lots of pictures
-reading lots of stories
-time in the pool
-Amy's yummy iced peach sweet tea and southern cooking

-painting toenails

-lots of kisses

-putting my nieces down for naps

-and fireworks in Oxford on the Ole Miss campus with Amy's side of the family!

Here's Story with her second cousin, Stevie, or as he prefers to be called, "The Fish." He lives in Alabama but spends about 2 months a year with Amy's parents in Oxford. While he was at Adam and Amy's house he kind of adopted one of Story's dog puppets and loves it. While we were waiting on the fireworks he decided to entertain us all with the puppet. These 3 are quite the trio and we all love Stevie......er......I mean "The Fish."

Meila absolutely loved the fireworks. She wasn't phased by them at all. Her body totally relaxed and she just gazed up into the sky and watched the show.

The red fireworks were her favorite because they made her smile :)


Elizabeth said...

Hooray for a weekend update! It looks like you had so much FUN! I'm glad you get to see your family more often these days. And I'm STILL wanting to check our your list of songs below. I need to seriously revamp my music soon.

Reading this post made me smile... and was my last attempt at procrastinating with homework. So now, I will be productive, I will be productive, I will be productive (I hope).

Love you friend!