Friday, May 28, 2010

Obedience and Sushi To Go

It was 7:30pm here in the Bible belt and this girl was craving sushi. So I went to the closest place to my apartment and ordered a roll to go. When the waiter told me it would be about 15 minutes, I didn't mind because on my way in I had spotted a cool leather couch next to the bar that would be perfect for people watching while I waited.

Only 15 minutes to size up and organize the theories in my head for the people at the bar? It would be tough, but I was up for the challenge.

Most of the people at the bar were sitting alone. And I just. don't. get. that. I was caught off guard with a deep sadness for them. Especially this one lady that looked like someone's mom...complete with mom outfit, hair and purse. She sat down on the stool, letting her mom purse plop on the ground. The bartender knew her by name.

"Hey Linda, what will it be tonight?" ~ "I don't care Nate, as long it's strong."

I instantly felt compelled to sit at the bar next to her to try and find out why she needed her drink to be strong. I could have eaten there, but I wimped out when the old guy a couple of stools down started chatting her up. Wish I would have obeyed the Holy Spirit's prompting....and if you're wondering if He does that at a Sushi place in a strip mall, He does. I hope there's a next time so I can choose obedience.


Shannon said...

Thanks for sharing. It is painful for me to see this in another's life when I know there are times that I miss these opportunities too - often out of insensitivity, pride (not wanting to "risk" anything), or selfishness (not wanting to change my own plans).

Elizabeth & I recently had a conversation about what it means to live by faith in our life. I think it is often choosing to practice the presence of God in our mind and to obey when He speaks.

May we both / all obey when given a chance to (just imagine) participate with God! How do we ever turn these down? [Any preachiness is directed at me. :-( ]