Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Amy!

"Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken."
~Oscar Wilde

Happy Birthday to my sweet Sister-in-law Amy Ruth! When I read this quote it reminded me of her....she is a huge advocate for people just being themselves! She is disgusted by the pretend facades that society encourages us to "put on" in order to save face.

There is something about her that just welcomes you in and you know you are in a safe place around her. That goes for her home too. No matter where she lives, she whips that place into a sanctuary. Seriously! I've always felt like going to Adam and Amy's house was like a weekend away at a Bed and Breakfast. (She is probably rolling her eyes right now) The moment you walk inside you just feel so at ease! It always smells good and she usually has something yummy and Southern on the stove for dinner. There is always great conversation and before you know it you end up talking about the topic Amy loves most....the Lord.

If I know her well, she would want me to go ahead and invite "y'all" down to Memphis for a trip. Her guest bed already has a summer quilt on it!

Love you Amy! Thanks for being a friend that tells me the truth and thanks for making me an Aunt.


Amy Sue said...

What more can be said? She is a breath of fresh air in our family and loved dearly. The fact that her and Adam make adorable grandchildren is just a bonus!