Thursday, April 29, 2010


Dear Story,

You've had a big year! You've moved two times in your second year of life. Welcome to the club of the "moves a lots." Don't worry, being a gypsy is fun! You're in a new state with lots of people to meet and gallons of sweat tea to drink. You're the only 2 year old I know that loves grits and gumbo so much. You became a big sister this year too! You are so sweet with Meila and such a good helper to your momma.

I'm not the only one that loves you so much Story. So many people do....and how could they not? Even people who've never met you like you! We all have such big dreams for you and can't wait to see what big dreams you'll have of your own someday.

Story I know you don't understand this yet, but I am praying that God is preparing your heart to hear His story. It is the most important story of all. Once you hear it, you will realize that God loves you even more than we all do...and that is hard to believe...but it's true.

You are such a star Story. You shine so bright when you are singing, clapping, swaying, lifting your hands and dancing to are my kind of girl. I love it that you love music as much as I do! There is a line in this song that makes me think of you every time I hear it. It says,

"Come on baby blue, shake up your tired eyes, the world is waiting for you! May all your dreaming fill the empty sky........."

It would be impossible to find an aunt who loves her niece more than I love you....don't even bother looking.

Happy Birthday Story! I love you.

~Aunt Sis

Here's my letter to Story from last year!


Emily said...

Happy birthday, Miss Story! You are one loved and lovely little girl! :-)

P.S. Andrea, I'd never heard that song before, and now I think need more than five Oasis songs in my iTunes!

Amy Sue said...

I wish I would have had an Aunt like you!