Friday, March 26, 2010

Dear Story,

Everything is about to change. A new baby girl will be here soon and you'll forever be someone's big sister. Being a big sister is fun, let me tell you. The focus has been on you for 2 it's time to scoot over and make some room on that stage of yours. Don't worry though, I have no doubt you'll always shine bright, with or without a spotlight.

I've never had a sister and I'm jealous that you get to have one. Be good to her. Look after her and love on her when she'll let you. Sometimes she might embarrass you or even make you mad. Be ready to listen when she wants to talk. Give her advice when she asks for truthful. Sometimes, even after you give her advice, she might need to learn a lesson the hard way. Be there to help her sort things out instead of telling her "I told you so." Look out for her. Have fun together. Before you know it, you'll be the best of friends..and don't forget to let her hang out with you and your friends every now and then.

And because you won't read this letter for a long time, just have your mom press play on this video. I'll see you next weekend and we'll sing this together and have jelly on toast.

I love you Story.

~Aunt Sis


mrs.watson said...

oh, andrea, this is one of my favorite sesame street moments! i'm so excited for story to have a baby sister (and jealous that she gets to have a baby sister). and i'm so excited for you to meet that baby!

Emily said...

Andrea, as a little sister, I would have to say that you gave Miss Story some very sound advice! I'm very excited for you and the rest of your family...Can't wait to see some pictures!