Friday, February 05, 2010

In the last 7 days, I:

- ordered checks with my new address.

- had my 4th flat tire. My driving record was clean of flat tires until I started driving this car in 2006. So is it me or the car? (dad, you aren't allowed to answer that)

- walked into a crime scene at my apartment building.
(to be specific, it was the apt next to mine)

- called my friends at midnight to invite myself over to sleep in their safe home.

- searched for crime reports online.
(did you know that you can do that? Just look up your local police department)

- negotiated my way OUT of the lease I just signed in November.

- called my bank to see if it was too late to cancel the checks I had just ordered.
(it was too late)

- temporarily moved to my Grandparents house until I found a place to move.

- found a roommate to split a 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment with!

- looked at said apartment.

- was involved in a Seinfeld type incident that resulted in enraging the city Postmaster.

- was yelled at by a mailman that I still have to see every day.

- signed a new lease and got the keys for a GREAT new apartment
(don't worry, it's safe...I looked it up)

- made lots of calls notifying my change of address.....again.

- started moving into my new place.

This has definitely been a roller coaster week. Yes, I'm aggravated that I have to move again, but the Lord has blessed me with a new situation that is beyond what I could have planned for myself.

On Sunday nights at church, we've been studying in 1 Kings. This week has reminded me that God truly delights in showing Himself powerful...especially when the odds are stacked against the situation. He knew my week was going to be like this and was already taking care of it.


RUTH said...

sounds eventful...gotta love those moments though, when God shows Himself so BIG once again to us. He knows when we need a little fuel added to our fire. I'm so thankful myself for how exciting this has all been for you. Lots of answered prayer. Luv ya!