Wednesday, January 27, 2010


It feels like I just said goodbye to 25!? My introduction to 29 has been fairly awkward moments yet. I once again found myself away from my family on birthday, but thankfully my mailman and friends showered me with lots of fun goodies and celebratory dinners!

Adam, Amy and Story sent me a box of goodies that included some vintage records and one of Amy's special handmade pillows. I've always secretly wanted one and this year I finally owned up to it and asked for one. I think if Amy ever starts blogging again, she could do a DIY blog on how to make her signature pillows....but then again, they might not be so signature if she tells everyone how to make them!

Among the gifts my parents gave me were beautiful fresh flowers sent to work, the One Year Chronological Bible that I had been wanting and a really cute pair of brown GAP flats!

But just when I thought the birthday celebrations were over, I received a package from my friend Kelly who lives in Prague, Czech Republic. (Kelly the package arrived on time, I just wasn't there to sign for it)

Upon opening the package I found a beautiful scarf that Kelly says "all the girls in Prague are wearing" and 2 of her favorite chocolate bars. What a fun surprise! Everyone should have an overseas friend to receive mail from and send mail to. I'm blessed to have many of my closest friends living overseas. Check out their blogs on the left sidebar.

Kelly doesn't blog yet, but I've been trying to get her on the band wagon...wouldn't you be interested in reading a blog about an American living and working in Prague? I know I sure would!