Monday, August 24, 2009

Blasts from the Past

***Because I'm traveling a lot these days, this post was written and set to post while I'm on the road***

This is a picture of an ugly shoe ornament. I don't know where it originally came from, but somehow it has turned into a 9 year game.


Once upon a time my friends, Ryan and Trevor, and I, would exchange this really ugly shoe with each other. We would take turns hiding it in each other's cars, houses, work and even on each other's regular pew at church. Just when we had almost forgotten about it, it would turn up in the most unlikely place. For the last nine years, Ryan, Trevor and I have been in Missouri, California, Nepal, Florida....and the shoe has traveled too!

I haven't had the shoe in about 5 years, so imagine my surprise when I found it in my suitcase in Missouri. I wonder where it will go next?! :) I love random traditions like this!

This is a picture of a t-shirt I finally threw away. Why? Because it was thread bare and worn out. I received this t-shirt in the 10th grade...making me 16ish. I've worn it ever since and it has been all the way to Mount Everest Base Camp, Thailand, India, Dubai, Bangladesh and of course, all over the USA.

If I could go back and tell the 10th grade cheerleader version of myself something, I would tell her that there is a lot more to life than making the cheerleading squad....and to avoid the sweet talking southern boy you met at your grandpa's church over spring break.

I'm curious to know if you have any funny traditions among your friends and/or if you have a funny memory of me wearing my beloved "Spirit!" t-shirt!


Lacey said...

I remember that shirt!!!!! I think it became one of your sleep shirts during your time in KC if I'm not mistaken. It made me smile as soon as I saw the pic.

whimzie said...

I've been reading but just haven't had much time to comment lately. My mom and I saw this cute little Christmas dish in a store years ago. We both loved it and there was only one. I don't remember who bought it but whoever did gave it to the other for Christmas. We've traded it every Christmas since. We add a little note to a card. The original card had to be attached to a new one when we ran out of space. It's one of my favorite Christmas traditions.

Karen Isbell said...

I'm so sad I missed you in Atlanta! I would have loved to have gotten an Andrea hug! Hope all goes well as you settle in! Praying for you!