Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tipi Living

Meet Jared.
He lives in a tipi (yes, I'm pretty sure that is the correct spelling of tipi).

I'm not suggesting that this lifestyle is for everyone, but I did enjoy reading this article (via apartment therapy) and especially the quote below....

"We were taught in this society that we must have ownership of so much. But this has just caused clutter in our lives and this is a reflection of our spiritual clutter. Just give your unnecessary stuff away...Life is chaotic only if we allow it to be. And you don’t want to be so attached to objects that those objects begin to define you. “Check yourself,” he said. “What drives you? When do you feel the most alive? Those are the things you should do.”" ~ Jared Anderson


The Bug said...

If I really did that, I'd keep my computer, my books, my microwave & something to cook things in. Oh, & my husband :)

whimzie said...

Hi! I just stopped over from Annie's blog. So nice to meet you. We're in the process of moving. After seeing all of our stuff packed in one place, I'm realizing that Jared has a point! I'm ready to get rid of the clutter!