Wednesday, June 03, 2009

It's the 'ville! (SERIES FINALE)

It's Day 2 of the "Freedom Roadtrip '09" and while we are driving, I thought you might enjoy something special!

It's time for the LAST installment of the 'ville posts! Get excited, because I think I've saved the best for last.

There are SEVERAL trucks in town that have a certain pair of male somethings hanging from the back of their truck. They come in all sizes, colors and even chrome! There is nothing more disgusting than getting stopped at a stop light behind one of these trucks only to have this nasty accessory swinging back and forth at you.

What can I say? It's the 'ville!

I'd like to give a special 'ville shoutout to Rachel for always supporting this series. I hope I can come up with something just as fun to do now that I'm gone. I'm rolling a few ideas around...we'll see what I come up with. Any ideas?


Amy Sue said...

Don't be surprised if you see this in FL.

crispy said...

The last pair I saw was on a HUGE jacked up truck when I was driving through GA. Ewww.

rachel said...

Love it!!!! How about you try to come up for the fair this year. I think that will provide you with all sorts of blogging material.