Sunday, May 24, 2009

Saying Goodbye to Savannah

My Big Brother Big Sister match officially ended 2 weeks ago, but Savannah and I were able to have one last goodbye! Her "Granny" (as Savannah calls her) allowed me to take Savannah out for the afternoon. The afternoon's activities were up to her. She chose to eat at Wendy's, go bowling, and have snow cones!

We had a blast, but saying goodbye was so hard. Here's a video I made of our special day together. I did my best to maintain her privacy...that's why you don't see her entire face.

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"Can't Be Without You" by Derek Webb


Elizabeth said...

Loved the video... thank you for sharing your little sister with us. Good-byes are never easy... and I'm sure this is one neither of you will ever forget. Love you lots!

Adam & Amy Ruth said...

This was so sweet. I thought I was gonna cry any second. She is a precious work in progress. And, I know you have had a lot of wonderful influence on her, gently pushing her in the right direction. You have left her with a timeless gift...your love.

crispy said...

I remember when you didn't think you would see her again, and then God brought her back into your life.

Praying that the Holy Spirit continues to work in her and that she is able to live a victorious life.

Mayfield Journeys said...

WOW! That was precious, touching, and at the same time heart breaking..prayer for! I praise HIM for your opportunity to sow seeds in that little field right there in nowhere's ville Kentucky! So awesome. I just kept thinking, I pray that when Savannah grows up she will always remember Andrea who prayed for her and prayed that she wouldn't smoke and do drugs. Girl you have no idea the impact you have made! LOVE YOU!