Friday, May 22, 2009


Yay for reunions! Getting all of us in the same room is like an doesn't happen very often. (We were missing two KEY members to the group, Jessica and Tammy. )We had a fabulous time together and if you REALLY want to know more, I made a video!

Since we've lived in Nepal together, here's what has happened: (from L to R)

Candice has graduated from Seminary and has a new husband!
Bethany is a fabulous elementary teacher and has her Masters!
Amanda just returned from yet another stint in South Asia.
And we all still hold a very special place in our heart for Nepal......

Since Bethany's head got chopped off in the picture above, I decided she deserved her own picture. Here she is with a sign we picked up for her at Target. We don't call her "Wood Elf" for nothing!