Monday, May 18, 2009


Recently I found myself on a mega church's website. Out of curiosity, I checked out what kind of small groups they had for single twentysomethings. I was bombarded with an ULTRA cheesy video likening singleness to a deadly disease diagnosis. The real kicker is the line below the video. "Single Doesn't Have To Mean Alone." Oh good grief.

That reminds me of the first time I visited a church when I moved to Kentucky. After the poor geriatric usher asked me a few questions and looked on a list of Sunday school classes, we were off to find the class he had in mind for me. I followed him through a maze of people and hallways and when we finally arrived, he ushered me right into an empty classroom. "That list said that a singles class meets here. If nobody shows up in a few minutes, come find someone" he said.

Trying to remain optimistic, I sat down at the round table. While waiting for the other people to "show up," I noticed the attendance list in the middle of the table. Not only did it only have 4 names on it, it had the name of the Sunday school class on it.

"Simply Solo"

And that's the way I remained for about 5 minutes before heading home.


Emily said...

this may be sad, but after having worked for said church, this is one of my favorite Andrea stories. :)

jesserae said...

I too love this story.
At least you were not lead you into a "singles" class where the only other person was a creepy 40 something year old man who still lives with his mother....