Friday, May 15, 2009

Just a sample....

***my phone rings***

Me: Hello!?

Summer Resident: Hey Andrea! Do you have a phone book?

Me: No I don't. Sorry. Have you ever used Switchboard online? It's a free online phonebook.

Summer Resident: I've never even heard of such a thing. mom called to remind me not to forget about eating my vegetables since the cafeteria is closed. Do you know of a buffet in town that has vegetables on it?

***I pause to figure out if she is serious. Of course she is serious. She calls me for things like this all the time.***

Me: Well, there are the 2 Chinese buffets, Creekside Buffet....and then there is always the grocery store. You can buy packaged veggies that are already cleaned and ready to eat.

Summer Resident: Well ok, whatever you say. Thanks........I guess.

***click. She hangs up.***


Mayfield Journeys said...

GOOD GRIEF!!! How do you do it? Seriously parents...your job is to raise a child to be a successful adult that can cope/live on their own!! NOT baby them till you die!

Elizabeth said...

No way. That is simply unbelievable... and thankfully it will soon come to an end. :)

AnnieBlogs said...