Saturday, May 02, 2009

Free and Rich

**Spoiler Alert**
If you have not seen Masterpiece Theater's "Little Dorrit" and are planning to, do not read this post.

After I wiped the the tears off my face, I knew I had to blog about this. I love it when secular things (movies, books, songs) preach the gospel!

Here's a little background info before you hit play. The older man in the clip is Mr. Dorrit. He has been in a debtor's prison for 40+ years. Amy, aka "Little Dorrit," is the women in the clip. She is Mr. Dorrit's daughter. She was born and raised in the prison and she and her friend have come to tell her father some VERY good news.

In Christ, we are free!

In Christ, we are prosperous!

In Christ, we are heirs to a great fortune!


Amy Sue said...

Now I want to see the whole thing, even though I know how it ends. I am looking forward to having you around so I can watch these little nuggets with you!

Adam & Amy Ruth said...

I love how we too can REST in knowing this...