Saturday, May 23, 2009

Church Bombed

When I lived in Nepal, I went to a national church on Saturday mornings. (Their Saturdays are like our Sundays) It was such a joy to worship with Nepali friends, but honestly after 2 hours of sitting on the floor and trying to translate the sermon in my was exhausting. After Nepali church, we would say our goodbyes and walk to the International Church.

This International Church is non-denominational and at the time was the only way for the ex-pats to worship in English. The Catholic church let us use their building after mass was over. After mass, the sari wearing nuns would flood out of the carved wooden doors and we knew it was time to go in. We would leave our shoes outside on the patio and go in and pick an empty red cushion to sit on. It was so great because we didn't have to sit according to gender! We were able to sing songs in English and Pastor John (from Scotland) always preached in a kilt!

Today I got an email with the news that the Catholic church was bombed this morning. 2 were killed and dozens are injured. Please pray for the families that were personally effected by the bombing and for the Christian leaders in Nepal to respond with wisdom to this situation. My prayer is that the Lord's name will be glorified through these tragedies and His word will continue to change lives in Nepal.

Things in Nepal have gotten a little crazy since the communist Prime Minister resigned....and to make things even more complicated, Nepal elected a new Prime Minister with the last name of Nepal! So Nepal is Nepal's Prime Minister. Got that?

Here is a video from Nepal News.

(to read the story in English, click here)


Amy Sue said...

It was so eerie seeing the red cushions scattered on the floor. I remember vividly the day you took us there for church. I hope you will be able to find out more.