Monday, May 18, 2009

10 Things She Loves.....

Hello folks, this is Andrea's friend Emily. She's asked me to do a guest blog about things I love. This may be sad, but it's taken me quite some time to decide on things that I love. Because I like hotdogs but do I love them? Also, will you all think I'm weird if I say I love this or love that? Because if I've learned anything in life, I've learned that you can tell a lot about a person by what they bend their affections towards.

So here's my list, in picture form first, with commentary on each picture at the bottom. Start with the cute baby and work your way clockwise:

::1:: I love my husband, and I love my niece, but what I especially love is watching my husband interact with my niece!

::2:: I love storage solutions from unconventional means. (And thanks, Andrea, for giving me the mailbox in the first place!)

::3:: I love stamps from abroad, especially if they are postmarked. You're looking at one of my favorite shots of my collection!

::4:: Books, books, and more books! I can (and do) spend hours in a bookstore. I own close to 60 books that I have never read and am on a book-buying hiatus for a season. (Picture my own, taken at Steele's Used Books in Kansas City, MO)

::5:: I live out in the country and often feel like I do not belong. What better way to look out of place than by wearing huge flowers in my hair? It's my latest obsession.

::6:: I love anything to do with Middle Eastern studies, the Arabic language, and Christian//Muslim relations. I've read tons of books on the subject (see #4) and love the culture.<--- wittiest blog you'll ever read.

::8:: I love all things India! Have I ever been? No. Will I someday? Absolutely. I can smell it now!

::9:: There is nothing better than a good pedicure.

::10:: My husband and I decorated this table back when we were dating, figuring someday it would go in our home. The writing in the background is any instance in the Bible where Jesus ate with people. The magazine clippings are just nonsense. It sits in our dining room to this day and is quite the conversation piece! So there you have it, ten things I love. Not as lame as hotdogs, I must just say.