Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Story Love!

Dear Story,

Has it really been one year since your mom ever so calmly called to tell me that she was in labor? It was hard to be so far away when you were born. I remember crying as I saw the first pictures of you on my computer screen. When we finally met in July, you were instantly familiar to me and you had my heart. I looked at your sweet face and the kind of love you awakened in me took me by surprise.

You have inspired me by just being you. You make me think about life from a different perspective…this still has me puzzled in many wonderful ways. You teach me to not take time for granted. You teach me to simply observe all of the little things as they are taking place around me.

You are the sweetest little girl alive with a smile that could make a statue smile back. That smile, along with your winsome personality, has gotten you a long way this past year. You make instant friends wherever you go, and I pray that you continue to have such an intense sweetness about you as you grow older.

I can’t wait to see how God writes your story. Keep on filling those pages up and I’ll be here, loving you along the way. Where should we go on our first trip together?


Aunt Andrea


some people think we look alike!


Jen said...

Aww, she's such a sweetie! No wonder you're such a proud auntie!

(BTW,I just hopped over here from Crispy's blog.)

Amy Sue said...

You're gonna love being her neighbor!

Elizabeth said...

Oh my goodness. It's hard to believe it's been a year already! She is such a cutie! And I'm so glad you shared the pictures of you... you guys do look alike! :)