Thursday, March 05, 2009

Can I go with you?

I received a note on my door that read exactly like the one above....except she actually she signed her name to the real one. Bless her heart....she is still learning English, but needed to reach out to someone for some help! You know a roommate situation is bad when one of them will place a very public post-it note on your door telling you who they are and oh by the way, they are going to crazy. Some days (like today) "crazy" sure feels like a place doesn't it?

I met with Savannah* this morning and that girl is changing! The bad thing is, she doesn't realize it nor does she care. I am so concerned about her personal hygiene. Her hair is always so greasy and there was crusty food in it......not to mention her hands looked like they hadn't touched water since our visit last week. They were covered in markers, food, dirt, snot..... I got her to wash them by telling her she could put some of my new lotion on her hands afterwards. As she was rubbing the lotion on her freshly clean hands I asked her if she used Hannah Montana shampoo. She said, "Nope, I'm just used to be dirty." Well ok then. I can't make her want to be clean. She is 11 years old and could care less. Any ideas?

*Savannah is my Little Sister through the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization. Her name has been changed for her protection. You can read more about her by clicking here.


jesserae said...

I would like to go to crazy. Is it considered a town or a city.
Regarding your lil sis. I find blunt honesty is the best. A clear and short reason as to why she need to be clean and maybe a little incentive like you would braid her if it were clean.

Mayfield Journeys said...

I agree about talking to her. As her big sis, she looks up to you. I think talking to her about cleanliness and letting her know that this is what is good to do to your body would help. I would suggest not pointing out her dirtiness but commenting on parts that are more clean and praising those areas. Incentives are good, but are more effective when seeing the child on a more regular basis where you can help them set goals and monitor daily. Plus without the incentives..what will she go back to doing? This is coming from JP who has been a behavior tech and worked with kids just like this a lot! He developed plans for behavior all the time and has learned a lot. Email him anytime! If you can find what we call a social story to read to the girl to teach her about hygene would also work. Basically this is just any children's/picture book story that teaches hygene. Again you are addressing it in a different way rather than it being personal to her. Hopefully she will want to be like the character in the story.

crispy said...

I have a few ideas. Gifts such as some basic cleaning products might be nice. Handy wipes to put in her back pack. A new comb or hair brush. Maybe make a little chart that she can check off the days when she showers and washes her hair. She probably doesn't know that days and days go by between showering.

All this with a little talk that shares with her that she is growing up and needs to stay on top of these things a little more. Remind her that this next stage is kind of a new adventure. There is a good American Girl book all about caring for yourself. Its about $10 but covers everything from how to clean your finger nails to more personal stuff. She may have no one else to help her with things like this.

I tell my girls when they have to shower and clean themselves but she may not have someone to remind her. I always tie staying clean with staying healthy.