Saturday, February 21, 2009

WAC Recap

*Although these pics are from the conference I attended, I did not take them. They are from various Facebook friends!

I really enjoyed the Worship Arts Conference this year. Because of my class schedule, I was only able to attend the concerts in the evenings and the Shane Claiborne sessions.

Shane is something else. His answer to everything is a simple, "let's look to the words of Jesus." His sessions were just this open invitation and opportunity to view life from a different and refreshing perspective. He spoke of the model of early Christians, Gandhi, and his time ministering with Mother Teresa in Calcutta. In all of these cases, it’s community, he says, that perseveres no matter the economic state of society.

His dreadlocks were incredible and he sews his own clothes. In the community he lives in, each person lives for about $150 a month! It is obvious that he feels that God has placed this call on his life to live radically, but does not try to guilt you into doing the same. He is one of those speakers that I would really enjoy hearing much more from! My mind has been on information overload for the past couple of days and I wish we could have this caliber of artists and speakers in town all the time!


Becca said...

Hi! Found your blog from Annie's . . . just wanted to say that Shane? He is an amazing person! and his book The Irresistible Revolution totally changed my life. No exaggeration. You should definitely read it! I'm jealous you got to hear him speak!