Thursday, February 19, 2009

Shane*John Mark*Charlie

I'm getting ready to leave my apartment and walk a few steps over to the University Chapel. It's time for the annual Worship Arts Conference! This afternoon I will attend the "Life as Worship" session led by Shane Claiborne. (Here's a short bio from his website)

"Shane Claiborne is one of the co-founders of the Simple Way based in Philadelphia, PA. He has authored two best selling books, Irresistible Revolution and Jesus for President. Shane’s passion is for the body of Christ to live out worship in seeking justice for the least of these. The Simple Way seeks to follow Jesus, to rediscover the spirit of the early Church, and to incarnate the Kingdom of God -- a way of life standing in stark contrast to the world of militarism and materialism. The Simple Way does this by embracing those in their local community. Their days are spent feeding hungry folks, doing collaborative arts with children, running a community store, hanging out with neighbors, and reclaiming trash-strewn lots by planting community gardens."

Later tonight I'll be attending the John Mark McMillan concert. "Attending" doesn't seem like the best word to use... maybe "experiencing" is more appropriate? If you have spent much time around me or reading this blog, you know how much I enjoy THE John Mark.

After a few more Shane sessions tomorrow, the conference will end with a Charlie Hall Concert! Word on the street is that he is bringing a full band with him, so I can't wait!

I'm so thankful to have such incredible teachers and musicians here in the middle of nowhere! Here's a link to the conference blog so you can get updates. I'm sure I'll have a recap soon!