Wednesday, February 11, 2009


See that small yellow dot in the middle of Kentucky? That's where I'm taking a class this semester about the Appalachian Culture. See all of those red counties in Kentucky? Those are distressed Appalachian counties. I had no idea.

Distressed counties have;
-unemployment rates at least 1.5 times the national average
-poverty rates at least twice the national average

This class has been so enlightening. Every class period I leave astounded! Before this class, I didn't even know how to pronounce Appalachia properly. Thankfully, the professor of the course grew up in Appalachia and she says it's pronounced "apple-at-cha." I think she would know right?

When I moved here 2 years ago, I had a hard time transitioning. I blamed my culture shock on having just moved to the middle of nowhere from a big city. This class has opened my eyes to a subculture that is literally next door.

Want to know more about my latest fascination? ABC is airing a special program called "A Hidden America: Children of the Mountains." It airs THIS Friday night at 10pm EST.

Now you know what I'll be doing Friday case you wanted to ask me out on a date or something. Sorry Charlie*.

*this is just a matter of speech. There is no Charlie in my life.


Lynn said...

I go to High Street and my daughter Bethany spent a year in Hazard, KY, during part of her training with New Tribes Missions. It was a very different culture, but she met some wonderful Godly people there. It's worth the drive to visit the hills and "hollers" of that area.

Amy said...

I did see this program advertised and I immediately thought of you. Thanks for the reminder. I'll be watching it too. mom

crispy said...

Thanks for passing this on. Very interesting. I can see why you would love this program.