Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Laudromat

I love and loathe doing laundry at a laundromat. The pictures above are an example of a laundry day that I loved. Today was not that day. So what's there to loath about a laundromat?

~ As my friend Emily pointed out, you are literally airing your dirty laundry among strangers. If you live in a small town, the odds of knowing the other people around you go way up. Dirty laundry is an awkward equalizer.

~ Trying to hide my unmentionables from the world to see while jockeying for the only laundry cart that actually rolls.

~ After hoarding your quarters all week, you hope you haven't picked the one washer that eats them. The worst though, is realizing you picked a bad dryer after you've already wasted 20 minutes and $1.00.

Despite the aggravation, I love to people watch! What better place to do so than at the laundromat? There, you can peak into your neighbor's lives. You learn who doesn't sort their laundry and who prefers to hang-dry their clothes to save a few bucks.

And then sometimes you meet really great, white-headed Canadians traveling through the USA, who let you take their picture.


Anonymous said...

:) NICE.

crispy said...

What neat pictures. Come and see us and bring all your laundry. I'll do it for you. =)