Friday, February 27, 2009


Flowers For Your Information

Recently, someone asked me what my favorite flowers were. So I decided to blog about them!

#1 Lilac

Classy, beautiful and they smell so good. I don't get to see them very often, but when I do, I almost certainly tear up. Yes, I love them that much.

#2 Ranunculus

I love how cram-packed the petals are and they become more beautiful as they bloom. They are so unique looking and have so much to give!

#3 Lily of the Valley

Delicate, gentle and oh so ladylike.

#4 Poppies

Unconventional, quirky and fun in any color!

#5 ???

I'm not sure what these are, but I like them. I'm thinking they are in the Hyacinth family? Does anybody know? They were all over Nepal and this picture was taken at one of my favorite rooftop restaurants. They are super fragrant!

#6 Rose

Classic beauties! You can't go wrong with roses. (Nepal, 2003)

I think I might have expensive taste. Even though these are my favorites, I also like the easy to find (and more affordable) varieties like tulips, lilies and carnations!

What are your favorite flowers?


Anonymous said...

Oh I love looking at all these pics, great post! I also love ranunculus and lilacs. But I would add peonies and stargazer lilies. And birds of paradise are also very cool!


hillenburg said...

I don't know if hibiscus is considered a flower, or a plant, but it is my favorite. Any color, any size, i just love them. When I was in 2nd grade we grew seeds for mother's day, and for years we had a huge hibiscus plant in my parents yard. It has been my favorite for that long!

hillenblogshappywife said...

that is me, I kinda got distracted...

Emily said...

Okay, Andrea, I just posted my favorite flowers on my blog. Thanks for the inspiration!

I think I was spoiled by being around lilacs a lot when I was little! I grew up around both purple and white lilac bushes (The white lilacs have a different scent than the purple ones!) at my house and my grandparents' house. Thanks for reminding me of such a beautiful blessing.

Amy Sue said...

I like to think you got your love for lilacs from me. When we lived in Montana our backyard had a row of lilac bushes that served as a fence between us and the neighbors! Ahh such sweet and fragrant memories.

Linda said...

I am sure you will not be surprise that Zinnias are my favorite. I love the variety Cut-N-Come Again. You can make many happy flower arrangements in little vases with them. I have my seeds ordered for this year's group!

crispy said...

Lily of the valley is my favorite. Then tulips. Then wild flowers. =)

Shannon said...

I love gerber daisies, tulips, lily of the valley and calla lilies - not the plain white ones though...the maroon and yellow ones - that's what we had in our wedding - they are gorgeous! If I had been married in the spring I would have had tulips as my wedding flowers. And if lily of the valley didn't symbolize death I totally would have had them in my wedding too!

But yellow roses have a special place in my heart because my hubby always gets me yellow roses because Jesus Loves the Little Children, red and yellow, black, and white - and "yellow is for the asians"

Ruth said...

I'm with Linda! Zinnias are my fav too. Nonie used to grow them and as a little girl I just always felt like they were my size flowers. They seemed so miniature but so packed full of prettiness. I just love the little petals that overlap each other.