Sunday, January 04, 2009

Starting Tonight!

Since you already know my love for PBS, I'll spare you. Tonight Masterpiece Theater starts a 2 part series that looks SO good! You'll know where I'll be at 9pm EST.

And for my overseas friends, PBS will be airing the episodes online starting tomorrow!

Click here for a brief synopsis of the story.
Click here to check your local listings.

Am I the only one that watches these kinds of things?
Skyler, isn't her long hair fabulous?


Andrea said...

I LOVED Part 1 of Tess. It was riveting and I can't wait for next week! Did anyone else watch?

jesserae said...

Sad news...the series can only be downloaded in the US. The good news is that I recently had the Cranford series sent to me so I will watch that until this new one becomes available to order.