Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Can't even believe it....

This is HUGE. I can't even believe it.

My friends who live on the OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD, made me a video for my birthday. I should also mention that they only have power 8 hours of the day for 4 hours at a time.

Want to humor me on my birthday? Please watch this....

They went to all of my favorite spots in Kathmandu (including my old flat), searched out the infamous street dog we lovingly called "Underbite," ordered my favorite water buffalo pizza, taped messages from national friends, and to top it all off, set the whole thing to one of my favorite songs.

To say this made me feel honored and loved would be an understatement. I wasn't even aware of how much I needed see see Nepal. Lots. Of. Happy. Tears.

There are no words BIG enough.


Emily said...

Oh, Andrea. You're so loved. You have such a special quality that makes those around you want to get to know you and want to be around you and want to make you happy. You're so loved. You have touched so many people in your years here on Earth. You're so loved. This video made me cry with happy tears for you because I can tell how much it means to you. You're so loved. How great is the blessing that God's love is even greater than the greatest earthly love. You're SO loved.

Happy birthday!

-Emily Jayne

Anonymous said...

How cool Jessica! Amy Sue and I thought it would be great to take over Andrea's blog to celebrate her birthday, but you did even better! It was fun to see the Kat streets and shops again...where we drank Nepali tea often.Everything looks the same!
Have a wonderful birthday, Sis and please know you are loved...not just by family.

Amy Sue said...

Do you feel the love? What a wonderful thing for the girls to do for you. It was a trip down memory lane for me too, especially the jewelry store! I love you are such a ray of sunshine.

Anonymous said...

Now, that is what I would call REAL friendship! Happy Birthday, Andrea.


Mayfield Journeys said...

Happy Birthday sweetie! I meant to send you an email before we left as I knew we would be traveling, but things got crazy only sad excuse! Oh Andrea how cool is that!! Such a great idea and I can't imagine how wonderful it made you feel! Did you cry? I would have!