Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Silent Night? Yeah Right!

Now that the dorm is empty, one would think that it would be quiet around here right? Not so much. A construction crew has taken on the project of remodeling 2 of the bathrooms over the break. One just so happens to be above my apartment.

*moment of silence for my pitiful, tiny tree. I just didn't have time to set up or decorate the big one.

The construction has also caused things in my apartment to shift and some things have even fallen off of the wall. This morning I came out and my Nepali Nativity looked like this...

Joseph was the only one left standing!

That's better!


Devon said...

Oh no! So I'm thinking that once the holiday craziness is past another girls night/day might be in order. :)

Andrea said...

Absolutely! Especially since 2 out of the 3 live in Etown now!

Emily said...

Oh, no! The bright side is that you don't have 200 girls knocking on your door all day to complain about the noise!