Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Omnipresence and Step-Dads

I met with Savannah today. Because we both have school breaks, we won't see eachother again until January. Before I headed to the middle school, I stopped to get her a couple of Hannah Montana Christmas presents. (per her request)

Of course the thing she liked best was the cheapest item in the gift bag. It was a secret doodle book with disappearing ink. Along with a few secret puzzles and journal pages, there was a page where you could ask Hannah Montana for your fortune. (kind of like a magic 8 ball) I was NOT happy about this and let Savannah know that I didn't believe in things or people that told fortunes.

She was SO enamored with this fortune thing and kept asking it all kinds of questions, then she would use the special ink (water) to color in a circle that had an answer.

"Will I have spaghetti for dinner?" ----- Maybe
"Will tomorrow be a snow day?" -----It's likely
"Will I have anymore step-dads?" ----- Nope (her response was a relieved "phew")

Finally she let me change the subject and we flipped the book to one of the doodle pages. I was completely regretting this purchase until she asked me to draw my favorite person with the secret pen. I could tell where she was going with this, but I wanted to make it a teachable moment. So I spelled out the word "Jesus" and drew a cross.

"Jesus is your favorite person? What about me?" she asked. After a discussion about how much I loved my family and friends I explained to her why He was my favorite. In total seriousness, she looked right at me and said, "I hope you know He can hear you right now!"

At least she has a grasp on omnipresence...


rachel said...

This is precious!

Amy Sue said...

Keep speaking the name of Jesus to her. She is listening.