Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Meet Savannah

Remember how I didn't get to say goodbye to Savannah? The Lord is so good and has seen fit for our lives to be intertwined again. It's 6 months later, and she is now in 5th grade at the local middle school. To make a very long story short, her mother no longer has custody of her. She's had a rough summer, but seems to be doing well!

A couple of things:
  • Her identity is protected for her privacy.
  • We always meet in the library. That's why we are kind of whispering.
  • For the record, neither of us have just sounds like that for some reason.

Enjoy! There are some really precious and funny moments....

"Fresh Pair of Eyes" ~by Brooke Waggoner

Savannah (that's not her real name) is my "Little" that I meet with once a week through the Big Brothers Big Sisters program.


Ruth said...

Ok Sis, you really take things to a whole new level. This is precious!
I know Savannah will forever be a happier little girl for knowing you. She will always remember the time you took with her never even realizing the sacrifice of time it was for you. I know you must learn so much from her as well. Doesn't it feel great to give back what you have been so blessed with all of your life...Love. I think I'm talking myself into "1 HOUR A WEEK". Luv ya!

Andrea said...

thanks for the kind words Ruth! She really does put things into perspective for me!

My favorite line is when she says "a little bit a few"

Emily said...

My favorite part is, "Yea, it must have been a lot of work."

If I were to make a list of top 10 ELTSD posts, this one would definitely be on it.

Oh, by the way, do you think you could find a way for the "word verification" to be an audio captcha? I think it would be easier for everyone. Thanks!

Amy said...