Friday, December 05, 2008

It's the 'ville! (Part 1)

I'm starting a new series on my blog (get excited)! I can't believe that I've lived in the middle of central Kentucky for over 2 years and have not thought of doing this yet. I've never lived in a farming community before and I see things all the time and think to myself....."It's the 'ville!"

This truck was parked next to my car in the parking lot this morning. In case you are wondering, YES there was a dead deer attached to that rack. Does that mean the driver came to class after hunting all morning? Did they pick it up off of the side of the road on the way to class? Either way...I guess this means hunters=diligent students?


Anonymous said...

Whether he shot that deer or picked it up on the side of the road, that is one nice lookin rack!
Brad Tucker

Anonymous said...

Of course Brad would comment on this one. It's not so strange around S'ville, as you say...