Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Can't help myself...

Remember my friend Amanda? Well she sent the most unbelievable story to me....and because she doesn't have a blog to post it on, I just had to share it. Here are her words with locations deleted .

"It all started with a random photo of an old man that I took about 4 years ago. The picture is nothing to write home about (even though I am) but was a simple picture of an old man walking around a religious sight in "The Big City." This not so amazing picture found its way into a photo album that I took to a small village.

To help bridge a friendship with a girl in the village named "P" from "The Big City" , I carried this photo album to reminisce about "The Big City" with her. As "P" looked through the photos this old man picture caught her eye. She yelled "That's my grandfather!!!" From that day forward I spent tons of time in her little shop drinking tea and eating her yummy food. This is the girl I mentioned in my last update that became a believer before I left the village.

This is where the story gets even more fun....I came to "The Big City" about 4 weeks ago. I previously had met "P's" little sister (who is a believer) and just called her up yesterday. The last 2 days we have been walking around our neighborhood trying to meet other women to hopefully share with. In two days I have met more people with her than I ever could have alone. "P's" sister is 21 and has been a believer for about 3 years. She seems eager and excited to be discipled and ready to share with others. I am amazed at all these events. How one simple picture could connect me with this sweet family. Please pray for this new friendship as we go around and try to share and pray for others in our area. Pray that I will be able to disciple her and alongside her share with others that need to hear."

Don't you just love the Lord's perfect timing of the details?
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Mayfield Journeys said...

So call me crazy..but I was listening to my IPOD while reading your blog. Somehow the very old, big sound of Sandi Patti "We Shall Behold Him" came on. Don't ask me..I don't quite remember putting it on my IPOD, but there it was and just added to the blog. My response to a story like this...We shall behold him..one day at the end as well as in amazing stories like this! How awesome it is that we get to be a part of it. And yet even the word amazing just doesn't seem to describe Him..there are no words! Praise Him for what he is doing through you!! Thanks for sharing! AMEN!