Saturday, November 01, 2008

Raise your hand!

Raise your hand if you're voting! This Tuesday will be the third time I've voted for a President.

2000: I voted in Missouri and was also working for the Roy Blunt campaign. Apparently, I was all about the Republican Party and blonde highlights that year.

A few weeks after this picture was taken, I was invited to assist at the Florida recount. That was a surreal experience!

2004: After a summer missions trip changed my "career path," I was living overseas for my second Presidential Election. This time I voted absentee from Nepal at the US Embassy. I was so far removed from American politics that I was honestly more excited about the possibility of a Marine sighting and drinking a Dr. Pepper at the embassy cafe than voting for the President. (I was still growing out my highlights from 2000)

2008: I'm voting from Kentucky this year. I've done my best to be informed, but to be honest, I'm not as enthusiastic about my choice as I'd like to be. (You'll be happy to know that the highlights are gone and my hair is chemical/color free)

2012: ???? There are a lot of things that I hope will happen by the time I'm asked to vote for another President. Wonder where I'll be voting from? I have a few places/circumstances in mind! :)

I've got something exciting lined up next week on my stay tuned!


mTb said...

we hope your are thinking you might be voting in springfield, mo in 2012!! we want you here whether you have highlights or not! i think you look like a news reporter with roy blunt. by the way~i have been married almost a month and haven't talked to my maid of honor since the wedding day...let's talk soon!
love ya

Mayfield Journeys said...

Wow, that picture brings back memories! Do you remember how Mark poured water on me that Sunday morning and you just happen to have your hair dryer in the car ready at any moment to go to Florida? Our absentees are already in and are just claiming, no matter what, that HE reigns in the kingdom of men. It will be interesting that's for sure. We would love to have you with us in India in 2012! :)

crispy said...

Already voted...early voting in FL. I have also voted in many different states.

IL, NJ, CA, FL and soon TN.

Amy Ruth said...

I'm voting this morning...and i'm lovin the highlights. ruth