Monday, November 10, 2008

2 years

After a hard RD weekend filled with incidents that I only wish I could tell you about...I needed to take a minute and remind myself of the good things that have come from this life station that I'm in right now.

Bear with me ok?

Thank you Lord for the opportunity to do women's ministry in a very unique setting....for many new be in some of those friends' be centrally located enough to see old friends attend great concerts in Nashville, Paducah, Lexington and work with 15 great Resident Assistants .... opportunity to love on Maddox and take classes towards finally finishing my degree... Nepalese students on campus ...bringing Savannah into my life...

Can you believe I've been here for 2 years?!


Susan said...

It's really great to see-read your heart for missions. I am sure God is using you right where you are at.

Susan said...

WOW. My famous sister won your blog award. rah rah Cris for impacting bloggers world wide!!