Monday, October 06, 2008

From my perspective

"Sailor" by Emily DeLoach and Andy Osenga can be downloaded for FREE by clicking here.


Andrea said...

be in love TOGETHER
helping TOGETHER
Don't be mad
to give TOGETHER

jesserae said...

I loved your video...I want that song! It gave me the same feeling as watching a great chick flick but in 4min.

Devon said...
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admin's wife said...

SO cute Andrea! Mandy is going to love to see that when she's able to check it:) And, your toast was so sweet and well written. Why didn't you get to do it at the reception?

Anonymous said...

Loved it!

mTb said...

Thank you so much for that wonderful video! I'm still amazed at how fabulous the weekend was and that so many family and friends were there to share it! I'm so thankful to have you as my dear friend! I love you and can't wait til it's your turn! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING MY DAY SO SPECIAL!