Thursday, September 11, 2008


So last night I chatted online with Jessica for a few minutes. Got me to thinking about my old life in South Asia and so I was able to find my old house on Google Earth! Crazy huh?

Back to Jess.... She's feeling more settled in our old city again and honestly reported that there is no "honeymoon" period when you go back the second time around. The city is just as you remembered it and it's now your new reality. Language is going good....she has a GREAT teacher who is known for her amazing tutoring skills.

But the best news from Jessica's city is that she has hired our former househelper again!

Imuna (pronounced E-moon-uh) is such a gentle soul....she was like a mother to us girls when we were there. She was so patient with us...even after I padlocked her into our apartment one time for several hours (that's a long, embarrassing story for another time).

When I left South Asia, I had NO idea if I would ever see her again. She is not a Christ follower, and really never showed any interest in giving up the idols she worshiped. Needless to say, I am SO overjoyed that Jessica is back in her life. According to Jess, Imuna hasn't changed a bit. I'm so excited to see how the Lord works in Imuna's life! She doesn't realize it yet, but it is NO accident that these two are back together! I believe that He has a sovereign plan!

I'll keep you all posted!