Sunday, September 28, 2008

Never a dull moment...

So I'm putting the last few things in my suitcase before leaving town tomorrow. I'm looking forward to standing next to Mandy on her big day.

In the course of the last hour a few girls have knocked on my door to ask:

~"What can you do about an awful smell on our hall...we're pretty sure something has died in the vent or cooked something foreign."

~"I've been playing with some stray cats at my boyfriend's apartment. Can you call somebody to get rid of the fleas in my room?" (as she itches all over her body)

I'm looking forward to a week without my RD hat on....Missouri here I come!


Hillengrandma said...

Will look forward to seeing you at the wedding. I DO NOT envy you your job. But I am sure you are very good at it.