Tuesday, September 09, 2008


I had a great weekend with Mandy (and friends) in Springfield...which is the closest thing I have to a hometown. We were busy all weekend with wedding details, but I did manage to squeeze in breakfast with my Maw and Paw Paw one morning.

2 days isn't long enough to hug everyone I want to. I'll be back for the wedding extravaganza in a few weeks...so make your hug reservations now!

I like making these little movies...mostly because I can put my videos and pictures to music. So tell me, would you rather me do recap videos like this or just post pictures?


Anonymous said...

oh what a fun weekend!! i love the video/pictures set to music...it allows me to relive it. thanks so much for coming to springfield. i had so much fun. please move back! i love you

Anonymous said...

oh, am i glad we cant actually hear you two singing in the car!jk.

Anonymous said...

no likey!! wont let me view anything. Ruth

Elizabeth said...

Pictures or video... I love it all! Thanks for sharing your life with us.