Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Community ESL Class

To receive my Teaching English as a Second Language certification, I need 60 hours of classroom observation. Because I've taught ESL before (without "technical" certification), the powers that be are allowing me to teach a community class instead of just observing someone else do it!

The class is open to anyone in the community who is learning English as their L2 (second language). We have anywhere from 10-15 adults attending class 2 mornings a week, for one hour. The class right now is made up of mostly women and their children. I love the added challenge of keeping the mother's attention engaged in English while her 2 year old wanders around the room eating some kind of fish smelling rice ball. Yum!

Right now we have students representing Japan, China, Thailand, and Mexico. These students are already a highlight of my week! More updates to come....


Amy Sue said...

What an amazing opportunity for you. I know your heart is filled with joy getting to work with these ladies. They are sure to see Jesus in you.

crispy said...

I love it...those pictures are precious. I would take those cuties home if I could.