Monday, August 11, 2008

Romeo and Juliet

When I moved to Nepal, my first two national friends were*B and *R. They were a few years older than me and so in love....but these two compared their relationship to Romeo and Juliet. Their families did not like each other and their parents would not agree to an arranged marriage. *B and *R prayed together at the temples every week, so I told them that I would commit to praying to my God, (the most High God) for their parents to become friends and allow this marriage.

For 6 years I've prayed for them and their families...first for their salvation, and of course for their parent's blessing to marry.

I'm so happy to announce that the prayer for their marriage was answered with a "yes!" *R and *B were married just a few weeks ago.

Weddings in Nepal are times of great celebration and feasting. They are elaborate and may last up to three days. In some regions, a dowry is common.

One of the important events in a traditional Hindu wedding is that the groom puts a pinch of red- powder on the bride's forehead. This symbolizes that they are now husband and wife. This red color on the woman's forehead differentiates whether she is married or not. *B will most likely wear this red powder on her forehead or on her hairline every day for the rest of her life.

Here, the bride and groom are walking around the holy fire seven times *R is supposed to be chanting mantras (holy verses) with each step. Through these mantras he is seeking his bride's support and makes a particular request with each step. *B is wearing an elaborate red wedding sari, while *R is wearing the traditional daura suruwal.

Hindu weddings can only take place on auspicious days, hence the need to consult with a priest to determine the best date for a wedding. Even though it was very last minute, they were so kind to invite me to the wedding. In that moment, I wished that I had the resources to just book a flight and go. Thankfully they were so great to send me pictures!

These two are so dear to me and were such persons of goodwill for me when I lived there.They were both very influential people in town and they recognized my work in Nepal as valuable and became my protectors, promoters and pathway finders! They were the first to call and check on me during city wide riots. They would quite often call and tell me to avoid certain areas of town. Even though they were both fluent in English, they only spoke Nepali to me to help improve my language skills.

They still do not know Christ. Would you please stop and pray for my friends? In turn, I would be honored to pray with you for the salvation of those in your life that don't know the Lord.

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Anonymous said...

angela & "D"... also, love the wedding pictures. so beautiful!

Elizabeth said...

What amazing pictures! Thanks so much for sharing their story... and for describing the culture in the pictures. I love that you love another part of the world.

Anonymous said...

Praying for your friends. Praying also for Petr and Eva, and Anna.

Anonymous said...

I can hardly see to be able to type. I remember meeting them while visiting you during your time in Nepal. Thank you for the update...we do worship the one true God that is able to answer our prayers.BKB

crispy said...

Precious that you have a heart to share your love of the one true God. Praying for your friends tonight.

Also pray for Perry and Kristen and their kids to be drawn to God and their eyes to see the need of a savior.

Anonymous said...

These pictures are so pretty!

Bluebelle said...

I just clicked the link on Annie's blog, I used to live in Nepal! My parents were missionaries (with INF) and we went out when I was 3 and came back to England when I was 9. We lived in Pokhara.
I'm so excited to see your blog, I'm adding you to my reader right now!