Friday, August 15, 2008

Highlights from my week (in no particular order)

1. Receiving Mandy and Bradley's wedding invitation!

2. One of my favorite photographers, Eric Lafforgue , went to North Korea for two weeks in April and snapped some really great (government-approved) photos

3. New pictures of my niece, Story!

4. When the carpet cleaners came to the dorm, they cleaned my Tibetan rug for free!

5. Seeing this commercial and hoping that all 200 of the women that move in on Sunday get along with their roommate like these girls do...

6. My brother sent me this picture from his phone with this message....

"Only in Marion county can you find the latest hair trend for men known as the "skullet."

7. Staying up late to watch the Olympics~

8. Oil of Olay's new "Hydrate Botanicals" Body smells SO good. After a shower, it makes my entire apartment smell good too!

So tell me, what made YOUR week great?


bryan said...

first, i love that picture with the skillet. second, having my own class for the first made my week.

Emily said...

1.) sweet corn from the in-laws
2.) Phelps
3.) starting a new book

rachel said...

I saw 2 mullets tonight at Bass Pro. Both were on toddlers. Only in the Ozarks!

Elizabeth said...

We're at 57% of our support!!!! I'm a happy girl. :)

Shannon said...

I laughed so hard at the skullet! Then I showed my hubby and he laughed hard! And we were skyping with his brother and shared it with him and he laughed so hard! And then he shared it with his wife who laughed so hard! That was great to be able to laugh with family from the other side of the world all thanks to the skullet! :)