Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bang Separation Anxiety


I've had some form of them forever....in fact, I might have been born with bangs...? Sometimes they are long, sometimes they are not. No matter what length they are, I always seem to be suffering from a condition I like to call, BSA....Bang Separation Anxiety. Why can't they all just get along, be friends and stay together?

How can you know if you suffer from BSA?

  • Do your bangs start out fresh at the beginning of the day, but by noon, have taken on a life of their own?
  • Do most of your photographs look like the ones above? (that's me and a few of my friends)

When does BSA most commonly occur?

  • usually after the lunch hour, or after a particularly windy day.
  • Most commonly, BSA strikes when you least expect it.

Is there a cure for BSA?

  • Unless you want to carry around a comb and use it on the hour, there is no hope for BSA sufferers yet.


Beckie said...

Yes, I totally know what you're talking about. I have countless pictures with BSA taking place. Sometimes, I fix them in photoshop if I'm feeling particularly vain that day!

Elizabeth said...

Oh my... this just makes me laugh. My bangs and I aren't getting along these days... perhaps because I've neglected them and declared them unwanted for ever so many years.

But you already knew that! And our lunch at Panera was a particularly BSA day. :) They're much better today... perhaps it's the hairspray!