Friday, August 08, 2008


Who else is excited for the Olympics? I can't believe that its been 4 years since the last summer Olympics. 4 years ago I was living in Nepal and I had just hit my stride only to find it was already time to come home. Believe it or not, I had tickets to 3 events at the Olympics in Athens, but the group I planned to go with kind of fell through, so I sold the tickets online. Super sad day. Ever since then Greece has been beckoning me back.

In other exciting news, one of my favorite artists released his first live album today FOR FREE on his website! I would totally pay good money for this cd, so getting it for FREE is such a treat!



jesserae said...

On 8-8-08 at 6pm I was sitting in my living room watching the opening ceremonies live. Friends brought over Fire and Ice pizza and we chanted U S A as our athletes came marching in. I heart the Olympics!