Tuesday, July 15, 2008

2 weeks

So I thought I would try something a little bit different. I've never made a movie in my life and this program came on my computer. If I wasn't so tired from all of my vacationing...I would give it more of an effort. Here are my favorite pictures set to one of my favorite songs!

(I promise it's only 4 minutes..I have no idea why it says 19!)

I had an unbelievable trip! Does anyone else ever need a few days to process a vacation once you get home? I have to admit that it was very hard leaving my family this time around. I guess adding a new family member has the potential to up the emotional ante.

Story.....what can I say about her? I've fallen head over heals and was called a baby hog all week. She will probably need another week to get used to me not picking her up every time she squeaks! That baby has so many different looks, and I just know for sure that she changed while I was there. Let me just tell you, Adam and Amy are GREAT parents. Even though it was hard to wait 2 months to see her, my patience paid off because they definitely have a routine down. Story is such a super star....everyone wanted to ooh and ahh over her. Kelley, those Bella Bows are a hit! One night we made plaster castings of one of Story's hands and feet. They turned out really cute. I think she's a genius because her fist looks an awful lot like she's signing the letter "S"...or maybe she's just clenching her fist like all newborns do?

We swam, sunned, went to the movies, stayed up late, slept in, ate out quite a bit. Even though Linda was "technically" my mom's friend first, my mom shared her with me and the three of us had a great lunch. I had the chance to see Kelly, Elizabeth and Shannon before they head to Prague in a few months. I also met up with my friends Clayton and Jake too! After living in a very small town for almost 2 years, Ocala doesn't seem so small anymore! It's practically the Promise Land! It was the kind of vacation where I lost track of what day it was about 3 days in......oh yes.....it was nice.

My friend Emily was a total star for letting me park my car at her house in Louisville for 2 weeks....AND she dropped me off and picked me up. Thanks a ton!

Thanks Mom, Dad, Adam and Amy for taking care of me while I was there. I can't even express how good it was to get hugs every day and to just be loved on. It made coming back to this a lot easier

Go ahead and watch that video again...you know you want to!


Linda said...

You are such a mess Andrea Burnett. I am your best fan. I love to check in almost every day to see what is up in your world.

I am praying for you and am glad I was able to have lunch with you.

Much, Much Love!


Preston and Courtney said...

It looks like you had a great trip. I am sure you had fun with your precious niece and family. Thanks for all the pictures. I loved the video.

Praying for you as you get adjusted back to your life and routine.

Love ya